We get into everything…. Firearms, tactics, leadership, explosive and mechanical breaching, night vision, vehicle takedowns, executive protection, and tactical planning. Our interests are boundless.

My name is Jason Beighley. I spent 25 years in the Army, 17 of which was in Tier One special operations at Ft Bragg. This experience helped me develop a worldview that is observational in nature, learning from others’ mistakes as well as my own (many and varied as they are). I retired as a Sergeant Major in 2009 and live in rural NC.

This is not your garden variety tactical training outfit; meaning that you will not find any larger-than-life web presence here. I wear street clothes on the range, appear totally normal in public, and am very approachable.

My focus is on basic principles that work in the real world, for any problem set.

Whether your concern is developing shooting skills for rifle, pistol, or shotgun, or developing tactics for law enforcement or the military, my view is simple:

The practice range, for too many people, does not resemble anything like the real world. I think, however, that the two are one and the same. You just have to know how to do it safely. Avoiding that incongruity is of the upmost importance to me as a trainer, and you will see that reflected in every session or class that I provide, regardless of subject matter.

There are no tricks or shortcuts, just principles. There is no need for complicated movements, only basic methods that are proven to be genius in their simplicity.

The reality is that the needs of the SWAT cop or military special ops guys differ from the needs of a 65-year-old grandmother CCW holder, only by degree but not by type.

This means that the principles are the same for all clients regardless of experience level, that they are inviolable across domains, and that they work.