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This is a focused course: basic fundamentals and proper execution of mechanics, across all facets of pistol shooting. Two days of detail-oriented, high-level instruction intended to build your foundation, properly. Fix your bad habits; learn how to train yourself to shoot, not just burn through your valued ammo with nothing to show for your efforts. We will show you how to hold yourself accountable for all your shots and learn to improve your performance.

Main topics:

  • Stance: your foundation must be correct, for you
  • Grip: build your grip from the beginning for consistency of shots and recoil control
  • Sight alignment and sight picture: sights on and aligned makes for accurate shooting every time
  • Trigger squeeze: consistent, straight-back trigger engagement ensures bullets go where you want them
  • Safe and efficient loading and unloading sequence that works day or night
  • Proper magazine changes, broken down step-by-step
  • Considerations for pistol defense in the home or workplace
  • Discussion of pistol choice and bullet selection for your caliber

Ammo requirement: 600 rounds total; 300 each day Training from 8:30 am – 3:30 pm each day

Gear requirement:

  • Holster must be OWB-type — this is not a CCW course
  • ┬áBring at least 3 magazines, 5 is better
  • Magazine pouches to hold at least 2 magazines
  • Enhanced hearing muffs are advised (with sound enhancement and dB cut-off to protect hearing)
  • Safety glasses

Water and snacks:

Please bring your lunch. Drive time to fast food is not convenient

Contact us directly if you have ammo needs and we will try to help Range is located on private property in Sonoma County; details provided upon registration

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