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This is a focused course: basic fundamentals and proper execution of mechanics. Detail-oriented, high-level instruction builds your foundation:
Stance + Grip + Sights Aligned + Proper Trigger Squeeze = bullseye.
Fix bad habits and learn how to train yourself to improve, not just burn through ammo with nothing to show for it. (Except that cool pile of brass….)

Main topics:

  • Safe and efficient loading and unloading sequence that works day or night
  • Proper magazine changes, broken down step-by-step
  • Considerations for pistol defense in the home or workplace
  • Discussion of pistol choice and bullet selection for your caliber

Ammo requirement: 800 rounds total; 400 each day

Training from 8:30 am – 4:00 pm each day

Gear requirement:

  1. Holster must be OWB-type — this is not a CCW course
  2. Bring at least 3 magazines, 5 is better. Plus mag pouch for two mags
  3. Enhanced hearing muffs are advised (with sound enhancement and dB cut-off to protect hearing)
  4. Safety glasses
  5. Water and snacks. Please bring your lunch. Drive time to fast food is not convenient. Plan for 3-4 quarts of water daily.
  6. Contact us directly if you have ammo needs and we will try to help

Range is located on private property in Sonoma County; details provided upon registration

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