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Ladies Only class at the Sonoma County range

Come join us for 2 days of shooting.
All ladies are welcome. Bring a friend along. Bring your daughter or your mother, or your sister.
This is not a beginner class, but beginners are welcome.
This is 2-days of high-level instruction from very approachable instructors, and we run a very fun but safe range.

Main Topics:

– Stance: Put your feet in the right place and stand strong
– Grip: Squeeze the hell out of the gun with both hands
– Sight Picture: Aim straight and align the sights
– Trigger Squeeze: Press the trigger straight back while holding the gun steady

High points:

– Safely load and unload your pistol, anywhere
– Learn the functioning of your pistol and how to work it the right way
– Magazines, clips, bullets, rounds, shots, “9”, “40”, and anything else ….. We explain all the terminology and slang that the gun nerds use….and then some

Other topics:

– The Magazine Change
– Considerations for pistol defense for home or workplace
– Discussions of pistol choice, and ammo selection


Ammo requirement = 600 rounds for two days
We will send actual range location after receipt of your registration
Bring food for lunch plus a 3-4 quarts of water per day, plus whatever snacks you like.
Include in your gear: sunscreen, ball cap or sun shade, long pants, and loose-fitting clothing.
We will send out a very detailed gear list for those who have questions around late September

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