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Class is for Law Enforcement only

This is a fast-paced, very mentally demanding course. You must have at least some experience wearing NVGs; this should not be your very first time.
This class is designed to increase officer survivability, decrease liability for your agency, and make you better on the ground in nighttime environments.
Learn through hands-on practical application:

  • Capabilities of Night Vision Goggles (NVGs) and rifle-mounted laser/illumator
  • Monocular vs. binocular NVGs: field of view, peripheral vision, depth perception, etc
  • Area searches, both individual and with multiple officers/teams, ambient lighting considerations
  • Positive ID of suspects: distances and limitations
  • “Zen and The Art of The Laser Pointer/Illuminator”:
    • Mounting on the rifle, and zeroing procedures using co-witness to the day optic
    • Settings, “Knob-ology”, and Adjustments
    • Power settings, on/off button activation, field of view limitations, beam size of illuminator

Day 1 is classroom lecture
Day 2 and 3 are movement over ground, live fire drills, and live fire and movement together, operational concerns

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