It’s real firearms – is it safe?

Safety if our priority and we always run drills and exercises considering the safety of the group and according to the group or individual skills and comfort. We'll drill into everyone safety rules before we start even practising dry with the firearms. Participants who do not obey firearms and range safety rules may be removed from the training.

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I heard that instructors and students sometimes use foul language. Is that true?

Fucking right! The course material is of a mature nature and we use adult language during the training. Please be advised classes are “Rated R” and POLITICALLY INCORRECT. These are serious subjects and we only need those serious about learning how to win gunfights to attend. If you require more etiquette in your training environment we encourage you attend another school. We do not hesitate to be callous toward ANY sex, race, creed, color, religion...or hair color (attn GINGERS). If you can not accept a good natured ribbing, or you are a fucking snowflake, train somewhere else. You won't get [...]

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What type of physical condition should I be in to attend your classes?

As long as you are not under doctor’s order to stay in bed our courses should be fine. Most of our classes have only moderate movement, bending, or kneeling. If there was a particular drills that you couldn’t do because of flexibility or another reason that is not an issue with us. Because most of our courses are outdoor you may need to choose an appropriate time frame. The exception to this is our High Risk Contractor series of classes. They are very physically demanding.

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