The pistol is at once the most-used of all firearms, regardless of the skill level of the shooter, and also that which is most difficult to become truly proficient. This is true to the point that many of us hold in esteem an excellent pistol shooter the same as we would a world-class athlete.
The pistol training world appears to be overly fraught with outsized egos. I think many beginning shooters who would like to improve (but have no desire to enter the competition arena) feel intimidated and therefore avoid proper instruction altogether.
Skeleton Key is a great training fit for most everyone because I like to teach more than I like to shoot, and your skill development is more important to me than anything else when we’re on the range.

Pistol shooting is broken down into several components for basic marksmanship, and I have learned to distill them into my Main Four Things: Stance, Grip, Sight Alignment and Trigger squeeze (or trigger press, or if you prefer.) Yes, there are more than just these four, but I find that during my classes, once we all talk about this and explain it properly, I can use verbal cues to remind shooters what to do next to build great habits. It’s very effective.